TotalVu for Fill Level Inspection of Clear Containers

The TotalVu system can be used to determine fill level on clear and semi-opaque containers. Using TotalVu’s lighting options and high speed cameras, the system can accurately deterimine the fill level of passing containers and reject containers that fall outside user set limits.  TapTone is a full vision inspection system utilizing up to 4 cameras for a variety of container defects. To learn about TotalVu’s full range of inspection capabilities click here or visit the TotalVu page under the Vision System tab of this website.

  • Visual inspection for fill level. At speeds up to 2,000 containers per minute
  • Password protected operation
  • Configurable with up to 4 cameras – add other inspections including label, closure, and visual defect
  • Add leak inspection by adding one of TapTone’s leak inspection sensors and operate everything from a single user interface
  • Cost effective vision inspection with an expandable platform to add additional sensors