Thermal Transfer Overprinters

TTO Thermal Transfer Overprinters

When it comes to the print requirements of flexible packaging, thermal transfer overprinters offer a high resolution, high-performance solution that far outweighs all traditional coding and marking technologies. Videojet TTO printers are widely used in the food industry to print high res codes onto flexible labels or film, without destroying the nature of the packaging or its artwork.

The TTO print solution comes with a host of benefits, including being more economical, having a very high-resolution result, offering fast print speeds, error prevention capabilities, interchangeable data printing such as time stamps or dates, long ribbon lengths and also ease of use.

As premier TTO printer manufacturers, Videojet’s range of solutions minimise downtime by being 100% optimised to meet each application requirements.

The Videojet range of thermal transfer overprinters that is locally available includes three variations, each designed for specific output.

Key Benefits of Thermal Transfer Overprinters

  • TT0 Printers deliver high-resolution print quality
  • Code fast moving products in real time – TTO printers code up to 1m/sec
  • Larger tto printing area
  • Solvent-free tto printing
  • Safe and reliable – no burn-through of film
  • Low cost of ownership – the tto printers have 0.5mm ribbon gap between messages

We are only too happy to advise you on the best TTO solution to match your requirements.

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