Sorting Systems & Equipment

We’d like to introduce you to our range of Sesotec sorting machines. The uses for the sorting equipment we have on offer ranges from contaminant removal to material flow sorting. There are two types of automatic sorting systems suited to different environments. The one removes significant objects, the other removes smaller particles delicately.

Our sorting system machines work in a precise manner to perform their function. They have inductive sensors that can locate metals. The sorting equipment’s optical sensors use high-resolution monochrome (CCD) cameras that figure out the material’s colour and shape.The equipment has near-infrared sensors that detect a variety of materials in multiple streams.

The Sesotec range has smart signal analysis. The sensors in the sorting systems collect data known as the raw material that is used by the sorting system’s “brain”. The software uses advanced algorithms to differentiate between detected materials. You can adjust the sorting systems according to your needs to promote optimal efficiency.

There are multiple benefits of using our range of sorting machines:

– The machines are top quality
– They can operate at speedy levels without compromising on quality
– They have a modular design making them flexible and suited to different tasks  and applications
– They are highly reliable with low maintenance costs
– They function precisely to remove contaminants and impurities
– They can sort out commingled materials
– You will experience minimal yield loss
– They perform well with user-friendly interfaces
– They easily integrate with new products due to simple setups and configurations.

Recycling sorting systems

In case you have a recycling operation, we also offer recycling sorting systems with conveyor belts. They sort out household waste such as plastics, or glass, and scrap metal. They are modular in design and combine a variety of sensors.

Overall, choosing a sorting machine suited to your needs will be a worthwhile investment. They will keep the area you are using contaminant and pollutant-free offering a safe environment for staff to work in. The equipment has sensors that find various materials in multiple streams and remove them from the environment. They remove any contaminants from within your food or beverage production line.

Do you want all the benefits of Sesotec’s range of sorting equipment? Choose the product that is right for you or contact us for expert advice.

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