The role of packaging and labelling has become important as a marketing tool to attract consumers and serves as a shipping container for food and beverages.

Pharmaceuticals, Tobacco, Cosmetics & Home Care date coding and marking is an important way to combat counterfeiting, track shipments, and verify manufacture dates. Discover, innovative solutions for your business.

Industrial products coding identifies production units, controls additional goods flow and optimises operating processes. This is indispensable when companies need to produce products or systems according to defined standards.

Industrial Inkjet Printing, Laser Marking &

Case Coding Solutions

Videojet, Teledyne TapTone, Sesotec and Purex are the most reputable brands to consider in industrial inkjet printing, coding and marking machinery.

Nampak i&CS is the leading South African supplier of these industrial packaging solutions, as well as the original distributor of Videojet products with a relationship that spans decades. Trust the experts as these brands have trusted us to distribute their laser marking and coding products over the years.


Our Products

Videojet is a world leader when it comes to coding and marking equipment used for a variety of print requirements in the commercial and industrial fields.

Purex is a leader in air quality control for the workspace. From small single extraction units to large fume extraction systems, Purex makes them work and cost-effective.

Teledyne TapTone is a leader that ensures the quality, security and integrity of products via a range of sensors, monitors and measurement instruments.

Sesotec is one of the leading specialists in contaminant detection and materials sorting. Since 1976, we have been engineering and building ...

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