T4000 Case System – Redesigned for 2013

The T4000 Case system is designed for non-contact, non-destructive, 100% automatic container inspection through a sealed cardboard and/or shrink wrapped case. The system offers the option of acoustic or proximity technology to inspect metal cans or glass jars with metal closures for pressure or vacuum after the containers have been sealed in the case. In many applications, the T4000 Case system will detect defects other than low pressure or vacuum. Some examples are missing containers, containers with missing lids or broken bottles, flat sours and damaged cans.

The T4000 Case system is a self-standing system that can be configured as follows:

  • Proximity inspection: 1-4 proximity sensor heads (single bridge)
  • Acoustic inspection: 1-4 acoustic sensor heads (single bridge)
  • Combined acoustic/proximity inspection (one acoustic bridge and one proximity bridge)

The system includes a six-foot inspection conveyor for warehouse or other off-line applications. Spray markers can also be added (optional) to mark the location of the faulty containers within the case for easy identification and rework. The system can be ordered without the conveyor for on-line applications.

  • 100% non-contact inspection
  • Graphic screen shows defects in case
  • Acoustic and Proximity sensor heads (up to 4 heads)
  • Quick set sensor bridge for easy product changeover
  • Speeds up to 250 cases per minute