Leak Detection for Flexible Containers

Compress technology detects leaks in plastic containers. As a container passes through the system, dual parallel belts apply force to the sidewalls of the container. This action compresses the head space of the container, which allows a sensor to take a force measurement at the discharge of the system Utilizing DSP technology, the controller analyzes the measurement and assigns a merit value to each container. If the merit value is outside of the acceptable range, a reject signal activates a remote reject system.

This sensor requires T550 user interface. See User Interface section for more information.

This sensor can be configured with optional low profile belts for inspecting small containers or a TDLC sensor for inspection of containers with foil or film seals.

Tripod floor mount system replaces the standard floor and conveyor mounts and includes a 1.83m (6 ft) stainless steel pole which can be cut to suite conveyor heights up to 2.18m (86 in) based on a 0.76m (3 in) container.

  • Rapid on-line inspection: up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min) maximum
  • Accurate leak detection as small as 0.508 mm (0.020 in). Application and container dependent.
  • Available in low profile format for small containers
  • Available with a TDLC sensor for inspecting containers with foil or film seals
  • T550 User Interface required for operation