Camera Sensor for Cap and Closure Inspection

The TapTone CapVu camera sensor is designed to perform visual inspection of container closures for missing caps, high caps, cocked/tilted caps, and missing tamper rings. The sensor includes a high speed digital camera and LED back light housed in a stainless steel enclosure. The sensor mounts on a remote variable heights stand. The CapVu sensor can be added to existing TapTone systems as an optional inspection.

How It Works
The CapVu sensor uses vision technology to inspect the cap or closure on containers after they have been filled and capped. A good container is passed through the sensor and the image stored in the camera. As the production containers pass through the sensor, the high speed camera takes an image at up to 6000 frames per minute. The image of the production containers are then compared to the image of the good container stored in the camera to determine the proper cap placement. Containers that do not match the good image are rejected. The CapVu sensor can be used to detect missing caps, high caps, cocked or tilted caps, and missing tamper rings on glass, plastic, and metal containers.

A User Interface is required for operation of the sensor. The CapVu sensor is compatible with the T100, T500, and T4000 standard or PC user interfaces.

  • Low cost camera inspection at production line speeds
  • No conveyor modifications required, suspends over existing conveyor
  • Simple height adjustment
  • No tools required for product change-overs
  • Easy operation using color touch screen and icon driven menus