X-ray Sensor for Fill Level Inspection

The Fill_xr sensor is a non-contact sensor used to measure the product fill level in steel, aluminum, glass, plastic and paper containers. An x-ray tube energized at high voltage is used to produce a low energy x-ray beam. This x-ray beam is focused to look through the container in the expected fill level region. As the x-ray beam penetrates the container, it is attenuated by the amount of product blocking the beam. An X-ray detector is positioned on the opposite side of the container to measure the intensity of the beam after it goes through the container. The intensity of the beam is then compared to acceptable energy levels to determine the relative fill level of each container. User set rejection limits defines the high or low fill threshold.

The TapTone Fill_xr sensor uses low energy X-ray technology to inspect steel, aluminum, plastic and glass containers for proper fill level. The system can be configured to detect underfilled and overfilled containers. The sensor mounts on a remote variable height stand and requires no modifications to the existing production conveyor. The Fill_xr sensor can be added to existing TapTone systems as an optional inspection.

Fill_xr requires a User Interface for operation and is compatible with the T550, T4000 HMI,T4000 PC, and PRO Series User Interfaces.