Videojet 1280/1240 Industrial Printer Coding, marking and printing solutions giant Videojet Technologies has just released the all-new Videojet 1280/1240 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer. Infusing a simpler design and fluid system technology for a more reliable mechanism, the Videojet 1280/1240 builds on the successes of legacy CIJ printers to deliver a user-friendly printer.
“The Videojet 1280/1240 has been built on our proven and innovative continuous inkjet technology, offering virtually error-proof operation and an easy-to-use printer,” says Mithun Ramachandran, CIJ Business Unit Manager at Videojet Technologies.
The new printer provides a touchscreen interface and easy maintenance – with a Videojet SmartCartridge™ system for added protection. Add longer standby-time and excellent print quality, and you have what could be the perfect industrial printer for operators.

Achieve More, Effortlessly, with Code Assurance Capability

Regarding simplicity, Videojet 1280/1240 features Code Assurance that ensures operators don’t require extensive knowledge in handling CIJ printers before use. The Videojet 1280/1240 will continue inputting quality codes on products with little interference from the operator, thereby reducing potential human errors. With this, operators only have to perform annual preventive maintenance.

Crisp 8-inch Touchscreen for Seamless Interaction

The 1280/1240 CIJ model has ample real estate in the form of an inclined, 8-inch touchscreen, inspired by modern tablets. The Videojet SIMPLICiTY™ interface also looks stunning with its crisp display, making it easy for operators to interact with.

Backed by Fluid System Technology and Videojet Printhead Integration

How reliable is the new 1280/1240 CIJ printer? It achieves stability in everyday performance by using the highly successful Videojet printhead and fluid system technology. It also runs under various operating conditions. The Videojet 1280/1240 CIJ printer can be trusted to produce excellent print quality and smooth operation after being left idle for as long as 14 days – and all without the external intervention of an operator. It also takes up to 95% less time to replace its components compared to previous Videojet CIJ models, making the Videojet 1280/1240 CIJ printer much easier to maintain. This almost halves delays.

Adaptive Performance to Reduce Unplanned Downtime

The new 1280/1240 CIJ model uses Videojet Dynamic Calibration™ to automatically track and adapt to environmental conditions by adjusting jetting parameters. This ensures the resulting print quality is at an all-time high and downtimes are greatly reduced. There is also a Positive Air printhead option that allows for longer usage before the printhead requires cleaning.

Remote Help Service that Works

A virtual help service – VideojetConnect™ Remote Service – helps manufacturers connect with CIJ experts worldwide in the rare case that issues arise with their units. In-depth specifications of the all-new Videojet 1280/1240 CIJ Printer is available online, follow the link for Videojet 1240 continuous inkjet (CIJ) printer  and Videojet 1280 Continuous Inkjet (CIJ) printer.

About Videojet Technologies

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