Nampak I&CS promotes contamination detection with a range of Sesotec systems.

South Africa, 10 August 2018. Nampak I&CS is now a proud supplier of Sesotec systems for the food, chemical, tyre, glass and plastics industries throughout South Africa. Sesotec’s quality product development allow Nampak I&CS to offer a complete range of product inspection, recycling technology, and material sorting solutions unlike any in the industry.

Sesotec is one of the major innovators in contaminant detection and materials sorting systems. For over 40 years, Sesotec has been developing cutting-edge, high-quality detection and separation systems used for the protection of machines in the manufacturing and processing industries to achieve smooth processes and to speed
up productivity.
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Effective detection and sorting solutions

Sesotec is a global expert in contaminant detection and material sorting, offering products that will ensure a high level of productivity for companies over the long-term through the removal of contaminants.

Benefits of Sesotec systems

Sesotec systems are developed to contribute to optimal product quality and to save costs in the workplace. These systems offer:

  • High-quality technology that functions reliably
  • Innovative, durable machines
  • Easy-to-use systems
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance that save costs

Sesotec systems include:

  • X-ray Detection and Scanning Systems
  • Product Inspection
  • Detection and Separation Systems
  • Magnetic Systems
  • Inductive Metal Detectors
  • Contaminants Detection
  • Sorting Systems

Quality assurance
Sesotec engineers develop machines, equipment and systems by drawing on their passion and expertise. Innovations do not happen by chance; rather, they are the result of dedicated work performed with conviction.

Expert service

No production line is the same, and that is why Nampak Ltd.’s sales representatives provide valuable advice on installing, adjusting and operating the Sesotec systems. Sesotec systems can be individually adapted to suit customer requirements.

About Sesotec

Sesotec is one of the leading specialists in contaminant detection and materials sorting. Since 1976, they have been engineering and building high-tech systems for a wide range of needs.

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About Nampak Ltd.

As the leading supplier of Date Coding and Inspection equipment within Southern Africa, Inspection and Coding Solutions, a division of Nampak Ltd., and the original distributor of Videojet products, has represented Videojet for over 35 years, TapTone Product Integrity Inspection Systems for over 25 years, Loma-Lock Product Inspection Systems since 2008, and Sesotec Detection and Purex Fume Extraction systems since 2018.

They take pride in delivering cost-effective and innovative solutions to clients’ coding and inspection needs, backed by a dedicated 24/7 national technical team.

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