The continuous inkjet printer specifically designed to deliver the proven Videojet performance for general coding needs at great value.Low volume operations running less than 5 days per week can benefit from the Videojet 1040 CIJ Printer. Experience high quality print and automatic maintenance procedures to keep your printer running optimally at great value.

The Videojet 1040 CIJ for Basic Marking and Coding

Videojet 1040 Printer stability

  • Auto-cleaning printhead delivers up to 12 days of continuous use without cleaning
  • Dynamic Calibration™ automatically adjusts printing parameters for changing temperature or humidity conditions without manual operator intervention
  • Reliable start-up and print following extended shutdown up to two days

Videojet 1040 Print quality

  • Accurate drop placement technology provides precise character formation in multiple printing environments at multiple speeds
  • Nozzle technology enables different size characters for high-quality codes on both primary products and outer cases

Videojet 1040 Printer makes Fewer coding mistakes

  • Visual job selection and layout preview helps operator ensure the correct codes will be printed
  • Guided data entry and automatic date and time inserts help reduce risk of waste and rework from incorrect codes
  • Auto Coding functionality uses the optional product detector to adjust to changing line speeds without the need for an encoder

Videojet 1040 Simple Usability

  • Intuitive 7” color touchscreen is easy to operate with fewer steps to input codes, requiring less operator training
  • Smart Cartridge™ fluid delivery system ensures correct fluids are being used
  • Modular design makes spare parts replacement easy for fast recovery from downtime