Eco-friendly Ink for Responsible Printing

With environmental regulations becoming stricter, it is imperative to invest in supplies that are safe to use and friendly to the environment, but that are also of top-quality, as well as effective. If you are looking for a range of inks that can boost your uptime while meeting safety and environmental regulations, invest in the innovative IQMark™ Environmentally Friendly Ink by Videojet. 

Responsibly Designed and Manufactured Brand

There is no need to use outdated, toxic inks and other supplies for your printers and machines any longer. Videojet IQMark™ is an advanced supplies brand developed to assist customers to meet their corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals, while remaining compliant with stringent governmental and industry regulations.

The Videojet IQMark™ Range

Videojet has launched IQMark™ to provide customers with innovative products such as inks and fluids that best align with their requirements while remaining compliant with governmental and industry standards.

The iQMark ink range offers more than 30 inks. Ink development experts are consistently adding to the number through enhanced research and product development.

Machine Compliance

Please note that this ink matches only certain newer machines. Older machines can be retrofitted but it may be costly.