Whatever your needs, the Unicorn II printer can be programmed quickly and easily. Product names, identification numbers, automatic production counts and accurate-to-the-minute timecode capabilities are available at the touch of a button. The Unicorn II is an economical cost per code printing solution that delivers up to two lines of text with built-in multiple language capabilities.


Uptime Advantage

  • Customized time, date and count codes including best before/ best by date which automatically updates for minimal operator interaction
  • Optional bulk ink supply further reduces consumable costs and extends time between ink replenishment for more efficient operation
  • Universal voltage and built-in language selection for global use

Built-in productivity

  • Store messages in the controller for instant recall to reduce time to complete line changeover
  • Low acquisition cost to deliver on-demand case coding for nearly all simple applications
  • Low consumable cost keeps per item coding cost low for profitable operations

Simple usability

  • Quick and simple integration; out of the box and on the job in minutes
  • Includes a standalone bracket, minimizing hardware integration needs
  • Built-in photocells detect production direction and speed for simple integration
  • Menu-driven controller to create and edit messages