The metal detector GLS with closed detection head and rectangular opening is mainly used to analyse piece goods and bulk material on conveyors or material chutes. It detects all magnetic
and non-magnetic metal contaminations (steel, stainless steel, aluminium) – even if enclosed in the product. On detection of metal, a signal device and a separation system can be activated or a signal can be send to process controlling.

The closed design of the detector has the advantage to guarantee high metal sensibility within the detection head. Consequently, this metal detector is mainly used for highly precise detection
tasks (e. g. in the food industry).

GLS Metal detectors can be combined with numerous separation systems (air blast, pusher, etc.).

Additional Features:

  • Individual size adaption to customer specific requirements
  • Can be installed on all levels
  • High mechanical stability and noise immunity
  • Largely insensitive to vibrations, hits and temperature change